Demonic Chaos Guild Donations

Ever wonder where some of our awesome guild tools come from? Like how our discord has a good number of Nitro Boosts so the audio and video quality are amazing? Or where this website comes from? Or how everyone has access to the premium version of Raidbots? Some of our guild members were kind enough to donate to the guild and pay for these items up front. Some of them... aren't cheap. We do it for the guild and do not expect to be reimbursed.

However, If you would like to also donate in order to help pay for some of these tools, please feel free to click the donate link below. We use PayPal to accept donations and the money is split between the various items that the guild pays for. We also use excess funds to purchase in game WoW Tokens for the guild bank that is used to fund some of our more fun guild activities, promotions, and giveaways throughout the year. Donations are in no way mandatory, nor do they gain you any favor... but they are definitely appreciated.