Demonic Chaos Raiding Information

Raid times are as follows:

Tuesday - Thursday 8PM to 11PM Server (Thrall)

Please be at raid entrance ready to raid at 8:00 PM. Attendance will be taken at 8:01 for the night. If you will be late or are not able to make it to raid you must inform the guild officers in Discord using the @officer designation as far in advance as possible.

Our progression raiders have access to the guild bank for items that are necessary to help with progression. These items are member donated and are to be used only while progressing in raid. Please do not use bank items for running content in non-guild events.

All raiders are asked to assist in donations to the bank whenever possible. Running a raid can be very taxing on the officers in the guild. For this reason we ask that raiders donate whenever possible in whatever form they are able to do so.

During Raid:

We Will break at the top of the hour for 12 mins. Please be back in 12 mins. If you are not back on time and you didn’t notify us prior to leaving it will count as an attendance mark. Break time can be up for discussion. We know that at times progression can be frustrating and a few extra minutes during break helps to refresh our perspective. These times will be determined by the raid leader before break.

Please keep discord clear during an explanation of fights and during boss pulls. The only players who should talk during a pull are raid leaders or those specifically designated to do so by the raid leader. We can chitter chatter during trash pulls and before or after kills. We want to maintain a fun and casual environment. HAVE FUN!

You will be assigned a role as either Tank, Healer, Ranged DPS, or Melee DPS. Each role will have a designated leader who will control mechanics for your respective group. Please look to that person for advice in raid with mechanics, dps, ect.

Our Progression team must be consistent on the following items:

  • Researching fights is a must, ALL raiders are required to watch fights prior to raid. Appropriate FatbossTV raid guides are usually available on YouTube.

  • Attendance must be maintained at least 75% of raid time for the last 3 months. Unless prior arrangements are made, you will be demoted from Demon (Raider) to Devoted (Member). The Unworthy rank will be used as our backup pool in the event a main raider does not show up.

  • We require our raiders to at minimum use the following add-ons. DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) OR BigWigs, Discord, WeakAuras 2, and Personal Loot Rolls.

  • All raiders are asked to show up to raid "raid ready" This means your toon is properly gemmed and enchanted and that you have the items your individual toon may need prior to raid.

  • Finally all raiders must select a role and class and stick to it. If someone wants to change it must be presented to the raid leaders and approved prior to the switch. These will be handled on a case by case basis.